The Trick to Creating the Perfect Password

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Coming up with a good password is important if you don’t want people accessing your documents or getting into your accounts, but you might have a difficult time coming up with passwords that are both easy for you to remember but that are also secure enough that a smart hacker won’t be able to figure it out. Luckily, there are a couple of tricks that you can use in order to create the perfect password for your various accounts.

For instance, make sure that you use an interesting mix of (more…)

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How Your Business Can Protect Sensitive Information

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If you run a business, especially one that does not a lot of its transactions online, then you should already know the importance of being able to keep your business’ information safe. After all, there are a lot of malicious hackers out there who do not care who you are; they will take your information and use it to their benefit in any way that they can. As a result, it is necessary for all business owners to take (more…)

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3 Common Security Hoaxes You Need To Know To Avoid

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Hoaxes have been common throughout history. Whether the hoax surrounds a mysterious monster or a legendary historical event, a good hoax has a sense of charm to it. This is not the case, however, when the hoax revolves around the sensitive topic of computer security. You definitely do not want to prescribe to a hoax that could leave your computer vulnerable.

For those wondering what form such hoaxes will take, here are three examples of well (more…)

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The Security Risks of Social Media Sites

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Using social media sites to promote yourself professionally or a business you represent is a great way to connect wiht larger audiences without the use of traditional advertising and marketing techniques. However, understanding the potential security risks social media sites pose will also allow you to stay self-aware and make decisions that will not put your own website or business at risk.

Third Party Hosting

Social media sites are not hosted by you, so they are being hosted by a third-party on another website. Not knowing the (more…)

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Web Browser Blocks: Do Your Employees Need One?

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As a business owner, you may have concerns about the security of your network. This may lead to thoughts of installing a Web browser blocker to prevent employees from downloading nefarious files that can threaten your network. So, is this a good idea?

The fact is that most businesses rely on the Internet in some form. It is short-sighted to think that employees can “get by” without being able to access the Web. Even if the business mostly deals with customers face-to-face, (more…)

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5 Online Security Tips Every Business Should Know

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Businesses conduct a great deal of commerce online. This can raise quite a number of security concerns. To help businesses that deal with customers via the internet,, here are five helpful security tips:

Be sure your WiFi network is secure. Many business owners will forget to password protect their business’ WiFi. In addition to the theft of internet service that can result, the internet connection is at risk for security breaches.

Safeguard and secure all passwords related to the business. Imagine the chaos that can ensure if a business’ banking information was compromised.

Install a high level firewall. You do not want a free firewall or an economy level firewall. You want one that will protect your hard drives with a high level of security. A quality firewall will keep malicious hackers out of your computer.

Be sure all employees are trained in simple, basic internet security. Errors of omission can lead to the security of your computers being compromised.

Install high quality anti-virus programs and ensure all definitions are up to date. Viruses are likely the most common threat a business can run into when working over the internet. A strong anti-virus can help prevent a number of calamities.

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